DEKO 37 just finished 3 short commercials for one of our favorite clients, Julian Flores. Julian is the owner of Yupicall, SMS gate and the DriveSafe app. We produced 3 short commercials for the DriveSafe app. These commercials will go to Youtube apps.

We filmed this commercial with four actors: Alexis, Charles II and his son Charles III and me. DEKO 37 used a car mount for each video to get a variety of different angles. I am not sure what was more scary, thinking about my camera falling off the car into the street during the filming or Alexis texting and driving through out residential neighborhoods with traffic.

Here are the three videos we shot:

We are almost done with Lockaway Storage Full Service’s commercial. All we need is a voice over and a few graphics. I hope that this project will be done by the end of the week.
Coming up I am shooting/directing a short video for a client at Alamo City Studios, producing a few videos for Code to Revenue and Paper Moon Painting, freelancing with some other video companies and doing another testimonial video for Real Estate Muse.
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