Geekdom Seminar

Yesterday DEKO 37 filmed for Jon Early's company Tealix. This start up company does Web Design, Animation, Graphic Design and Brand Development. Jon, the founder of Tealix, recently moved to San Antonio from New York. They have a large team to help their clients. 

DEKO 37 filmed a panel discussion (featuring Lorenzo Gomez and Kay Jones) about how jobs are changing due to robotics and how people can get ahead from becoming unemployed. There was also a discussion about college education and if it's necessary for everyone. Following this was a Q & A panel. 

This morning DEKO 37 filmed Blanca at the Children's San AntonioFilm Festival at the Pearl. She taught kids basic Spanish using puppets and music. The kids loved the puppet show, and Blanca was very funny. We will shoot another segment tomorrow. 

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