The year just started and we are still very busy. Right now we are working on a Ashley Furniture Internal Video, a video highlighting kids learning from studying Shakespeare (showing that art helps kids learn), the Abandoned Love documentary, a Inigogo commercial for Tinted and the final product of TEDx.

Xavier and I went to Santa Barbara to interview Dr. Acevado about relationships and her study of married couples with brain scans. The interview went well and we learned things about relationships that we didn’t think about before. Dr Acevodo has an app called LoveSmart, a relationship analysis tool. This app is based on science and how the human mind processes love.

Santa Barbara was great, but there was still some smoke from the fires. We went to the beach and saw surfers and did a lot of other things. After we left, a lot of the area was unfortunately destroyed by floods.

DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio TINTED
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