Over the weekend we filmed a commercial for Luke Owen’s business Lockaway Storage Full Service. This company packs their customer’s household items into crates and takes them to a storage facility. If a customer needs to retrieve something out the storage, they can go online, locate the item and request for it to be returned.

The commercial was about a woman who was so busy with work that her house becomes over cluttered with stuff throughout the year. Eventually the stuff get’s to be too much and falls on her. She then gets on her computer and orders Lockaway Storage Full Service to help her get rid of the clutter.

We need to dub over the audio for the actress Michelle, add music and sound effecs and a Voiceover. This was a great shoot for DEKO 37 Video Production in San Antonio.

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Video Production DEKO 37 San Antonio
Video Production San Antonio DEKO 37
DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio