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About Us

DEKO 37 San Antonio Video Production Danny O-K

DEKO 37 was founded 3 years ago by Danny Owen-Kohutek (Danny O-K). Danny started doing video as a hobby since the age of 5. His first videos were co-produced by his Grandma who owned a VHS recorder.  Danny would often play the roll of a dinosaur and would pretend to eat his family. 

At the age of 21, Danny decided to stop acting like a dinosaur and attend college at St.Mary's University. It was there that he found his passion for video could become a career. While attending college, Danny took two internships in NYC; Comedy Central (on-air promotions and Late Night with Conan O'Brien).  The internships taught him advanced editing, camera work, production and how to eat bagels while sprinting to the Subway station.

After college, Danny decided to pursue his passion and became a full time video producer. 

Since starting DEKO 37,  Danny has done videos for corporations, small/medium businesses, non-profits, musicians, realtors, lawyers politicians and start-ups.  He has produced videos in San Antonio, Austin, D/FW, Houston, Alaska, Hawaii, Brazil, Guatemala, and Cambodia.  



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Xavier Ramirez has had a consistent focus on dance/musical motion pictures. Ramirez's background as a professional dancer has led to many diverse credits including footage used in the motion picture Step Up, and also footage used in the documentary Black Fish. As a writer Xavier has written a variety screenplays and intellectual properties in various states of development.

Xavier Ramirez documentary/film production and photography was featured in the April 9 issue of VIBE magazine, January 21st issue of JET magazine and an episode of 

Xavier works as a script writer and entertainment consultant for Beverly Hills based JWE and director/editor of 4 cable TV shows on CTSA-15. He has assisted in development for segments and features on Lopez Tonight, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, America's Best Dance Crew, CNN, MTV, BBC, EBONY/JET magazine & Vibe Magazine.

Ramirez helps DEKO 37 with writing concepts, producing and directing videos.  He wants to improve San Antonio Video Production so that people from L.A. and Austin will move here to produce film/video.

Elijah Zane Video Production San Antonio DEKO 37

Elijah Zane has an extensive knowledge and experience with storyboarding, ideation, filming, directing, producing, song composition and recording, sales and contract writing.  He has worked with Northside Ford, ACTS Missions, The State Bar of Texas, Mad Dogs British Pub on the San Antonio River Walk™, Bier Garten and many more organization in South Texas with the production of videos, songs, photograph and website design.  Elijah Zane assists DEKO 37 with Strategic Business Development, Sales, and with developing Vision and Imagination for guests who seek video production in San Antonio.


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