August and September were very busy months. We had a record 22 projects. Three conventions, a jewelry commercial, TedxSanAntonio,, a political ad, ACTS, surgery videos, Paper Moon Painting, real estate and a Wisewear video. It’s great to get a lot of business and we are almost done editing most of them.

Here’s one of the videos from Vetted:


DEKO 37 hired three camera operators from Alamo City Studios to help out with a two day seminar at JW Marriott. The seminar, organized by C12, was for Christian business people. Their were a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners that gave their stories of the struggles and success in business. We had a great team of video producers. The editing will take place this week.

We have a few projects this month. One is for a dentist. We will be doing client testimonials, a tour of their office and show some procedures. There is also a Veteran seminar put on by Military Transition Network happening on Oct 17th. The event will be combined together with a twist of Motivational Speakers and Personal Development.

Cedrick Brown, the founder of the Military Transition Network, help ambitious veterans navigate the corporate landscape in order to create the life and career they’ve always dreamed of. He has worked in the corporate arena for over 10 years, having experience in law, compliance, and human resources.

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