Incarnadine DEKO 37 Video Production

Last week was great. We had 3 days of intense shooting for the movie Incarnadine. The movie fell behind on scheduling and we will shoot some more scenes on Wednesday. The actors are doing great and the house that we are using is awesome. It's an older house so it's perfect for the movies premise.  DEKO 37 is looking forward to editing this San Antonio film.

We shot a short video for Paper Moon Painting as well. They have astounding work especially with their ability for cabinet paintings. This week we will be rapping up a fitness video and real estate agent Tad Chapman's video. 

Things are pretty busy but it's great to progress!

Video Production Incarnadine DEKO 37

5:30 am shoot

On Thursday we began a shoot at 5:30 am. The video was for a girl, Veronica, who wanted a cool fitness video. We had her run by the Hays Street Bridge while the sun was coming up. Veronica ran through out the city and did several workouts at a  cross fit gym. We got some great shots with a steadicam and a hoverboard.  Editing for this project will start this week. 

Tomorrow is an intense day. DEKO 37 will be shooting a short movie for 3 straight days in Buda Texas.

We hope everyone has a great Memorial day!


 Video Production San Antonio

Video Production San Antonio

My Magic Mud and Dr Deb.

Hi folks,  DEKO 37 went to Austin this weekend to capture footage of My Magic Mud's booth at the Paleo Convention. It was fun to see how many people try the toothpaste made by My Magic Mud and enjoy the experience. My Magic Mud is also made with natural ingredients including Charcoal. There were tons of fit people and a lot of other great products. The My Magic Mud team are great to work with and have good chemistry.  DEKO 37 will do edit the videos for their social media.

DEKO 37 also interviewed Dr. Deb, creator of a new treatment for trauma called RIM, for the documentary Abandoned Love. We also filmed her seminar and many people were helped with trauma they had from their youth. Dr. Deb is a great person and we hope that we can help her expand in order to help others. 

Coming up this week are more Real Estate videos and finalizing Drive Safe. 

DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio
DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio
San Antonio Video Production

Drive Safe Commercial

We are about to finish another DriveSafe App. commercial. This one will feature three different drivers that are texting. The drivers later install the DriveSafe app and testify that the app has helped them drive better. We used a car mount for some of the scenes and we were all nervous that it might fall! It didn't and everything came out great. 

This week we also did some work for Melissa (Real Estate Muses) and started another scene for the short movie. 

This weekend, Danny is heading to Austin to video My Magic Mud at the Paleo conference. After this we are going to film a speaker on recovery from hard times for our documentary Avoidant Love.  On Tuesday we will be shooting for Tad and then a fitness video later on the week. 

Business is going great!


 Video Production San Antonio

Video Production San Antonio

DEKO 37 Fortune Condom Club Video Production San Antonio

DEKO 37 shot videos for Fortune Condom Club. The videos will mainly go on social media platforms like Instagram.  It was a lot fun. We had to show that the condoms were durable in creative ways; helium balloons, water balloons and other items. 

We also started shooting for the short film Incarnadine. The film will feature a lot of lost footage. We are almost done with that part. Making films takes a lot of time. The pre-production can take over 100 hours plus. Organizing the script, actors, locations and timing is essential to have a successful film.

It's a busy month!

 DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio FCC

DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio FCC

St.Mary's Shoot / Henry B. Gonzales

We got a last minute job at StMU (Danny's alma matta) to video a tribute for Henry B. Gonzales. There were several speakers talking about his life and how he impacted San Antonio and the United States. Former mayor, Henry Cisneros was the MC for the event. I can't believe he's turning 70, he looks 50.

This week we are going to wrap up the Drive Safe App commercial, a fortune condom commercial and start planning for a suspense/thriller short film.


DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio St Mary's University

Arkansas BoldBrush

Boldbrush hired us to take photos of two great painters in Arkansas. One of the artists lives in Magazine and the other one lives in Bentonville. It was a lot of fun to visit Arkansas and we got some great pictures of the area.  On our free time we hiked, went to some museums and tried karaoke. 

DEKO 37 is also working hard on finishing the documentary "Avoidant Love." It's been a year since we started and we hope to be done shooting in the next month or so. 

Also, Election day for the city is coming up. 

We took photos of Michael Montaño for his campaign and we hope they help him advance to the city council. 

Video Production San Antonio

Photo Michael Video Production San Antonio

The Wyndham commercial is almost done.

Well we finally finished the Wyndham commercial. There is an exterior shot that we will probably incorporate later this week.  Check the commercial out here:  

Thanks to Aimee for the outstanding Voice Over and Nick Shan for letting us record at his studio. We hope that the Wyndham gets more business from this commercial.

Nick Shan Video Production San Antonio
Aimee VO San Antonio Video Production

We filmed a seminar for Asian America Hotel Owners on Wednesday and Thursday at the Henry B. Gonzales Center. It went well with a lot of interesting information.

DEKO 37 ACTS Video Production San Antonio

We had a very busy weekend filming ACTS seminars. People travelled from different parts of the U.S. to attend. Most were from Texas, but there were a several from Alaska, Connecticut and Florida. ACTS has grown considerably in the last 30 years. Everyone we talked to that has gone to an ACTS mission has said that it left a great impact on their life.
 On Saturday, we had five camera operators filming 5 different seminars half of the day. The footage came out well and will go on their online training website. One of the coolest moments was when we interviewed the original creators of ACTS. 
I also just had the best piece of popcorn I've ever tasted. 
This week we'll be finalizing the Wyndham commercial and working on attaining new clients for Video Production San Antonio.


 DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio ACTS

DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio ACTS

 SAN ANTONIO Video Production DEKO 37 ACTS

SAN ANTONIO Video Production DEKO 37 ACTS

DriveSafe App Shoot, Cox Tile and ACTS

Today we did a shoot for the app DriveSafe (an app that will prevent people from texting and calling while driving). We made a car mount for the first few parts of the shoot. The car mount was in the passenger seat and had an actress drive and text down a residential street. We were all a little nervous about her doing this, but the footage came out great. On Saturday, we will finish the shoot. The second part will have a mom and her daughter looking at the DriveSafe app and feeling relieved that their family members are using this technology. 

Texting and driving accidents have increased every year and with apps like DriveSafe, the accidents will dissipate. 

Yesterday DEKO 37 shot a seminar/introduction/production video for COX Tile Inc. There were many people who attended this event. We never knew there was so much to know about tile until this shoot. Video production is great because there is always something new to learn.  We also shot a quick segment for Paper Moon Painters about their company while we were there.  

Earlier today we photographed a few shots for a Fiber Compay (internet) and prepared for a huge shoot in two weeks for ACTS. The ACTS seminar will be for two full days. We are all practicing standing more to prepare us for this!

Video Production DEKO 37 San Antonio Alexis Car
DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio Alexis Drive Safe
DEKO 37 Alexis DriveSafe Nervous Video Production San Antonio
DEKO 37 Alexis Drive Safe San Antonio Video Production

New Projects for DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio

DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio

This month has been really good so far. We put up some new features on our website We shot a video for State Farm, BIU and Drive Safe.

Drive safe in a phone app that prevents you from texting/calling while driving. If you upgrade, you can activate an A.I. response that will tell other phone users where you are heading and what time you will get to your destination. Texting and driving has become a huge problem and has had more fatalities last year than drinking and driving.

Chuck from State Farm hired us to film a video about his service. He rented a theatre out for the movie Beauty and the Beast for his clients to see the video.

We should be done with the Wyndham commercial next week!

DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio

DEKO 37 Drive Safe App Video Production San Antonio

Wisewear, Parlevel, Statefarm

DEKO 37 attained 4 new clients this month which is exciting. On Friday we are going to film Chuck (State Farm) talking about efficient insurance options for his customers. The video will be shown at a theatre that Chuck bought for his customers to see Beauty and the Beast. 

We also finished a a promotional video for Geekdom. The video shows how owner Jerry started Wisewear with the help of Geekdom. 


DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio Wisewear

Wyndham, ACTS, Wisewear and Geekdom

We finished the downtown San Antonio Wyndham commercial yesterday. It was a lot of work, but we got some great footage. I started the editing process today. We also finished an ACTS and Elumicor Commercial. 

Julian, the creator of the app DriveSafe, hired DEKO 37 to do a commercial shoot in San Antonio. His app will help prevent texting and driving.  We are going to use two teen actresses and a mom for the shoot. 

The documentary, Avoidant Love, is still in progress and we are going to shoot some more this week. 

DEKO 37 San Antonio Video Production Wyndham Hotel Commercial

Wyndham Hotel, ACTS, Parlevel and an Intern

This week we are finalizing the storyboard for the Wyndham Hotel. It's going to be a great shoot. We started casting earlier this week and will hopefully have made our decision by the weekend.

DEKO 37 has an intern named Jared. He goes to Northwest Vista. The good thing about an intern is that I finish my work faster now because I can't slack off when he is there! Jared is a great editor but needs help with shooting, lighting, directing and other things like this.

We are also finishing a ACTS online training video and Parlevel video promoting Geekdom.

It's a great week!

DEKO 37 Video Production Geekdom Parlevel San Antonio

DEKO 37 presents TEDxSanAntonio

The TEDxSanAntonio videos were just put on Youtube a few days ago. DEKO 37 helped produce and shoot the event. We also edited all 16 TEDx speakers. It was a lot of work, especially standing all day during the practice session and the actual event. It took me 2 days to get over that. Since then, I've been using standing desks more often because I sit down too much when I edit. 

I attached this video in particular because I am a huge Spurs fan and frequently watch the Coyote at games.  There were many other great speakers like Mayor Taylor, Sarah Lyons, Dr. Bira, Jason Straughn and Troy Peters to name a few. 

Xavier and I are looking forward to resume TEDx in a few months.  This week we have gotten a video commercial with the Wyndam Hotel which is extremely exciting. We are also going to film more of the documentary that has been in production since May. 

Video Production San Antonio

TEDx San Antonio DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio

Comet Signs

We recently finished a great video for Comet Signs. Creating the video took a lot of work. We had a professional storyboard artist, P.A. and VO person come into to ensure that it was an A+ video.  Comet Signs is located in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. They build all their signs from scratch and have huge warehouses to manufacture them. Some of their main clients are H-E-B, Valero, Corner Store, Taco Cabana and Whataburger. I never thought that so much work would go into one sign and it's amazing to see them being created. 

One of my favorite parts was watching the florescent signs being made. But it was also cool to see the welding, printers and the sign press. Oh yeah, the Taco Cabana sign installation was impressive as well. 

Check out the video here at:



Video Production San Antonio




DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio Corporate Video Comet Signs


Today the Alamo City Film Festival starts. It will be a great two days for filmmakers to make their debut to people in San Antonio. Hopefully, there will be great networking because this city needs more collaboration between filmmakers.  If you haven't been to Alamo City Studios yet, go soon! It's an office space for filmmakers, screenwriters, editors, video producers, comic book artists and other things pertaining to the film industry. 

Video Production San Antonio

TEDexSanAntonio, New Logo and Documentary

This month has been one of the best months for DEKO 37. We are helping TEDex in San Antonio on Nov 11 with video production and video editing. It's going to be a long day at the Witte Museum, but we are excited. The speakers had their second rehearsal yesterday and everyone did great.

I am looking forward to next week to put a lot of work into the documentary "Avoidant Love" and to follow up on some great leads. We are putting the finishing touches on a video for Comet Signs.  Also a new logo will be coming out for DEKO 37 in the next few days! 



Video Production San Antonio