DEKO 37 presents TEDxSanAntonio

The TEDxSanAntonio videos were just put on Youtube a few days ago. DEKO 37 helped produce and shoot the event. We also edited all 16 TEDx speakers. It was a lot of work, especially standing all day during the practice session and the actual event. It took me 2 days to get over that. Since then, I've been using standing desks more often because I sit down too much when I edit. 

I attached this video in particular because I am a huge Spurs fan and frequently watch the Coyote at games.  There were many other great speakers like Mayor Taylor, Sarah Lyons, Dr. Bira, Jason Straughn and Troy Peters to name a few. 

Xavier and I are looking forward to resume TEDx in a few months.  This week we have gotten a video commercial with the Wyndam Hotel which is extremely exciting. We are also going to film more of the documentary that has been in production since May. 

Video Production San Antonio

TEDx San Antonio DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio