DriveSafe App Shoot, Cox Tile and ACTS

Today we did a shoot for the app DriveSafe (an app that will prevent people from texting and calling while driving). We made a car mount for the first few parts of the shoot. The car mount was in the passenger seat and had an actress drive and text down a residential street. We were all a little nervous about her doing this, but the footage came out great. On Saturday, we will finish the shoot. The second part will have a mom and her daughter looking at the DriveSafe app and feeling relieved that their family members are using this technology. 

Texting and driving accidents have increased every year and with apps like DriveSafe, the accidents will dissipate. 

Yesterday DEKO 37 shot a seminar/introduction/production video for COX Tile Inc. There were many people who attended this event. We never knew there was so much to know about tile until this shoot. Video production is great because there is always something new to learn.  We also shot a quick segment for Paper Moon Painters about their company while we were there.  

Earlier today we photographed a few shots for a Fiber Compay (internet) and prepared for a huge shoot in two weeks for ACTS. The ACTS seminar will be for two full days. We are all practicing standing more to prepare us for this!

Video Production DEKO 37 San Antonio Alexis Car
DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio Alexis Drive Safe
DEKO 37 Alexis DriveSafe Nervous Video Production San Antonio
DEKO 37 Alexis Drive Safe San Antonio Video Production