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DEKO 37 Blog

DEKO 37 Fortune Condom Club Video Production San Antonio

Danny Owen-Kohutek

DEKO 37 shot videos for Fortune Condom Club. The videos will mainly go on social media platforms like Instagram.  It was a lot fun. We had to show that the condoms were durable in creative ways; helium balloons, water balloons and other items. 

We also started shooting for the short film Incarnadine. The film will feature a lot of lost footage. We are almost done with that part. Making films takes a lot of time. The pre-production can take over 100 hours plus. Organizing the script, actors, locations and timing is essential to have a successful film.

It's a busy month!

 DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio FCC

DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio FCC