My Magic Mud and Dr Deb.

Hi folks,  DEKO 37 went to Austin this weekend to capture footage of My Magic Mud's booth at the Paleo Convention. It was fun to see how many people try the toothpaste made by My Magic Mud and enjoy the experience. My Magic Mud is also made with natural ingredients including Charcoal. There were tons of fit people and a lot of other great products. The My Magic Mud team are great to work with and have good chemistry.  DEKO 37 will do edit the videos for their social media.

DEKO 37 also interviewed Dr. Deb, creator of a new treatment for trauma called RIM, for the documentary Abandoned Love. We also filmed her seminar and many people were helped with trauma they had from their youth. Dr. Deb is a great person and we hope that we can help her expand in order to help others. 

Coming up this week are more Real Estate videos and finalizing Drive Safe. 

DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio
DEKO 37 Video Production San Antonio
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